Retro-ish Nude

Been trying to work on a new tutorial lately, and I’ve come up with this sort of retro inspired, nude look.  It looks very simple, and it’s really easy to do.  The only problem is I’m struggling on which eye shadow technique I like better.
Have a look:

Right Eye:
Eyeshadow- taupe/grey eyeshadow applied all over the lids
Eyeliner- cat eye, with a white shimmering eyeliner applied on top, bottom liner is drawn with black eyeshadow, and white liner on the inner corners

Left Eye:
Eyeshadow- taupe/grey eyeshadow applied on the hollows of the eyes for a deeper look, a shimmering white shadow is applied on the ball of the lid to highlight the eyes
Eyeliner- just a simple tightline, bottom liner is drawn with a white liner

I’ll hopefully have this tutorial done this weekend, stay tuned :)


Spring Fling: Be fun, be simple, and be bold.

I apologize that it’s been a life time since my last make up tutorial, but I’ve finally got time to do not one, but three looks that you can interchange easily for spring.  Whether you’re fun and flirty, simple and down to earth or bold and fearless, there’s a look that’s bound to suit you. 

1. Pretty in GreenThe main focus for this look is on the blending of the eyeshadow.  A lot of people try to avoid this colour, especially those with monolids because it can make the eyes look swollen.  But if you blend it well with the right colours, it can give you a fresh look, perfect for spring.

As a base, I chose a very light yellow and applied it all over the eyelids.  I then applied a light green on the outerhalf of the eyelids.  Next, I used a turqoise blue on the outer V of the eyes.  While blending, extend the blue just up a little bit into the hollows of your eye socket, keeping in mind to blend in a circular shape, rather than at an angle.  Using the same turqoise, line the bottom of your eyes half way, and finish lining them with the light yellow that was used for the base colour.  Finally, line the top of your eyes with a liquid eyeliner, and the bottom eyeline with a pencil liner.  Falsies are optional, but if you’re going out at night with this look, it’ll be funner to apply falsies.
As for the lip colour, I used Electric by Estee Lauder. 

2. Nude
One of the make up trends that keeps coming back is the nude look.  This is also one of my favourite looks, because it looks so clean and simple, just perfect for daily wear. 

Tips in creating this look:
a) Make sure your foundation and concealer is done evenly, because the face is so naked for this look, it’s very important to do a good job in creating a flawless face.  In doing so, make sure your face is fully hydrated and moisturized before you apply your make up base.  As always, colour correct your face before applying foundation.  When using a foundation brush, make sure you sweep outwards, and apply using a criss cross motion to make sure the foundation is applied evenly without streaks.
b) Highliting and shadowing is important in this look to sculpt your face, just so that your features are accentuated.  Apply a luminating highlighter on your brow bone and at the inner corners of your eyes, your forehead, the bridge of your nose, as well as at the top of your cheek bones.  Use a bronzer to create the hollows of your cheeks, this is quite effective for those who have a rounder face.  Just use a brush, dab a little bit of bronzer and sweep it just under your cheek bones.
c) for your lips, keep in mind not to choose a nude lipstick that’s ten tones lighter than your skin tone, because you will look washed out.  Instead you can use your concealer and dab it on your lips, or buy a nude lipstick that’s just about the same tint as your skin tone.  If you find that your nude lipstick is too light, apply a light pink gloss/lip stick over it so it brings a little more colour to your lips. For my lipstick I used Myth by Mac.
d) For this look, it’s better to make your eyebrows a bit darker, so it frames your face better, but don’t make it so dark that it looks like you markered in your eyebrows.  Choose a brow pencil that’s a shade lighter than your hair colour.
e) Eyeliner is optional for this look, but I used a liquid eyeliner and just lined the top of my eyes with a very thin stroke. 

3. Tis’ the season to be Bold
One of the most popular make up trends of Spring 2011 are the bold lip colours.  So here, I’ve created a look with its focus on the lips.

It’s important that we don’t create dramatic eyes for this look as this will be too much for our face.  Instead, I applied a very pale orangey-brown eyeshadow just on the crease along with a slightly thicker cat eye.

To keep it simple, I didn’t even bother applying a bottom liner.  By doing so, it’ll make your whole look cleaner and simpler as well.  

Finally, with the lips, I’ve chosen the Pink Nouveau by Mac.  It’s quite moisturizing, so you don’t really need a lip balm before applying this lipstick.  If you want the extra pout, don’t forget to dab a little bit of concealer on your cupid’s bow as well as the lower part of your lip.  To enhance your lips even more, apply a clear lip gloss on top. 

I hope you guys liked the three looks I created, let me know which one’s your favourite!