Autumn make up trend #1: The Metallic Smoky

So I’ve been really lazy lately… and finally today I’ve brought myself to do another make up tutorial for you all.
One of the huge make up trends for Fall/Winter 2011-2012 is the Metallic Smoky eye.  It can be done with different shades of metallic grey paired with black/blue/purple eye shadow.  Depending on the type of look you’re going for, the Metallic Smoky eye can be a look you can wear to work or a party.

How to achieve the flawless skin:

 1. Wash your face, moisturize, and apply a make up base.
2. For an even foundation application, squeeze a dime size amount of foundation and apply with a foundation brush, have your brush go in a criss-cross direction to avoid brush marks.
3. Using a make up sponge, gently dab away on the skin, making sure you dab away the excess foundation so that your face looks even and flawless.
4. Conceal all spots and dark circles with a concealer.  Remember to colour correct BEFORE you apply foundation if your skin appears to be red/darker in some areas. Please have a look at my previous tutorials if you have forgotten, or is new at colour correcting your skin tone.
5. With a kabuki brush, dip it into loose powder (tap off the excess powder), and apply it all over your face to set your make.  If you want your skin to look more fresh and dewy, apply less loose powder.  However, if you’d like a more matte skin tone, then apply more loose powder.
Quick tip:  Before applying eye shadow, dip your kabuki brush in a generous amount of loose powder and slightly dab it under your eyes.  This can help you easily sweep away any eye shadow fall outs during the application.

Going Metallic:

1. Prep your eyes with an eye shadow base.  For this tutorial, I’m using Mac’s Paint Pot in Painterly.
2. Using a a metallic silver gel eye shadow, use your fingers and apply it all over your lids, (by using gel eye shadows, they give you more of a base so that when you apply other colours on top, they become more saturated).  For this tutorial, I’m using Kate’s Gel eye shadow.
It should now look something similar to this:

3. Using an eye shadow brush, dab it into a white pigment shadow (pigment shadows give you more shimmer, and is best applied on top of gel eye shadows), and blend it from the ball of your eyelid (the middle of your eye lids), into the inner corner of your eye lids.
4. Using another eye shadow brush, dab it into a shimmering silver eye shadow, and slightly sweep it out on the outer corner of your eyes, so it looks like you’re creating a cat eye with your eye shadow. Remember to blend out any harsh corners.
5. With a smaller eye shadow brush, apply a dark blue eye shadow right on the crease of your lids, slowly blend it out to the silver eye shadow you have previously applied on the outer V of your eye lid. Blend away any harsh corners.

It should now look something similar to this:

6. Using the smaller eye shadow brush, dip it into the same dark blue eye shadow, and line the bottom of your eyes half way.  Using a different brush, dab it into the white pigment shadow and line the other half; bringing it all the way into the inner corner of your eyes. 
 7. Using a black pencil eye liner, tight line the water line of your upper lids.
Quick tip: Tight lining your upper water line can open your eyes instantly
8. Using a black liquid eyeliner, go over the top of your lid, making sure you fill in all the blank spots in between your lid and the water line.  Keep the liner here thin and as close to the lash line as possible.
9. Using a pencil liner,line the water line half way, at the bottom of your eyes.  Blend it out to create the “smokiness”.

It should now look something similar to this:

10. Using demi lashes, apply it onto the outer half of your eyelids for a cat eye effect.
11. Fill in your eye brows:

12.  For the lips, keep them as minimal as possible because the eyes are already so dramatic. Apply lip balm, and apply a nude lipstick on top.  To finish it off, apply a clear lip gloss on top.
13.  Once the eyes and lips are completed, we will now move onto contouring your face.  Using a highlighter/illuminator, (if you don’t have one at home, a white shimmer eye shadow / pigment shadow will work as well) apply it on your cheek bones and the nose bone.
14. With a large blusher, apply bronzer right under your cheek bones, blend it out so it looks more natural:

and your look is complete!

The Winter Smoky


So here’s an updated tutorial of the Winter Smoky Eyes!  This look is inspired by this season’s make up trends, soft and subtle, au naturale etc.  Lots of neutral colors involved  – beige and taupe colors, with a hint of burgundy.

This is the color palette I used to create this look.  To begin with,
1. Use the highlighting colour on the top right hand corner, and cover your brow bone and the entire lid bringing it into the inner corners of your eyes as well.
2. Take the taupe colour on the bottom left and apply it on your entire eyelids, leaving just the brow bone.
It should now look something similar to this:

a lil tip: you can stick tape on the outer corner of your eyes slanting upwards so you can prevent fall outs of the eye shadow on the side.

3. Now, use the colour on the top left corner and apply it liberally on the crease, so it looks like this:

4.  With the burgundy on the bottom left corner of the palette, apply it just on the outer V of your eyes, blend it so that it contours the hollows of your eyes:

5. Using the same colour, line the bottom of your eyes with it, connecting the top and bottom:

6.  Using a black pencil eyeliner, line the top and bottom of your eyes and smudge them so it’s softer.  Apply mascara afterwards as well:

For the lips, make them nude.
1. Apply lip balm
2. Dab a little concealer and apply it on the lips
3. Apply a little bit of clear lip gloss just on the center of the lips:

Fill in your brows, apply your blush & your look is complete!
This look is perfect for dinners because of its soft and subtleness.  Hope you guys enjoyed it.
Good luck and have fun!

Oh, here’s my track of the day:

Been listening to this every day since I downloaded it from my friend’s blog at Unkitsch .

Slightly Smoky

For this look, it’s intended for those with eyes that can’t handle a lot of color or “smokiness”, but still want to create that sultry look.  If your eyes are able to handle a lot of color, then try this look with more intense colors or apply your shadows higher in the crease.  Test out whatever works best for you!

1. Using a white shimmer shadow stick, highlight your brow bone, the inner corners of your eyes, as well as the lower-outer part of the eyes.
2. Using a light blue, apply it on the crease of your eyes as shown above.
3. Now, using a brush, use a black eyeshadow and apply it on the outer corner of your eyes and move your way up by tracing along the hollows of your eyes.
4. Blend well with a blending brush. The key to creating a sultry look, is the blend work, don’t worry if it gets messy because a smoky look is somewhat messy. It should now look something similar to this:

5. Now, moving on to the bottom lash line.  Use a eyeliner brush, apply the light blue eyeshadow just outside of the inner line, all the way into the inner corner of the eyes.
6. Do the same with the black eyeshadow, except do not draw the line all the way.
It should now look like this:

7. Complete the lower lash line by using a pencil, black eyeliner and drawing on the inner lash line, going all the way.
8. Using the same eyeliner, tight line the top of your eyes.
9. Using a black liquid eyeliner, draw another line, slightly winging it out.

10. To complete the eyes, curl your lashes and apply mascara.
11. Fill in your eyebrows.

Lips and Cheeks:
1. For the lips, because we want our eyes to be the center of attention, keep the lips nude.  Apply lip balm.  With a lip brush, apply concealer on the lips, and lastly apply a nude lip gloss on top.
2. Choose your favourite blush and apply it on the apples of your cheeks.

Your look is complete.
Good luck and have fun !