The Classic Christmas Look

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!
I’ve finally got the Xmas look revised and it’s a more classic look using colours of brown and black.  This look will definitely match any colour dress, so please enjoy :)

1. Apply an eye shadow base all over the lids.
2. Using a champagne colour, apply it all over the eyelids, including the brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes
3. Now, using a shimmery peach colour, apply it on the eyelids up to the hollows of the eyes.
It should now look like this:

4. Using a shimmery brown, apply it on the crease of your eyes and wing it out, creating an angle at the outer corner of the eye:

5. Using a black eye shadow, apply it on the innermost part of your eyelid, (close to the lash line), and wing it out, (following the brown).

6. With a black pencil eyeliner, tight line the upper lid.
7. With a white pencil eyeliner, line the bottom water line all the way.
8. Using the same black black eyeliner, line just outside of the white eyeliner you’ve made, (this will create the illusion of larger looking eyes)
9. For a more dramatic/smoky look, apply black eye shadow on the bottom liner where you’ve applied the black pencil liner.
10.  To create brighter looking eyes, use a shimmering white eyeliner, and dab a bit of it on the inner corner of your eyes.
It should now look like this:

11. Using a dark grey eyebrow pencil, fill in the brows according to your own shape.
12. Apply demi lashes to enhance the winged eye shadow look.

13. Apply a dark red wine lip stick.
Tip: To create luscious and fuller looking lips, dab a bit of white shimmering eye shadow/highlighter on your cupid’s bow, (the two upper corners of your lips).
14. Highlight and contour to bring out the features of your face even more.
15. Apply your favourite blush to finish off the look.

Your look is now complete and ready for Christmas!

Merry Christmas <3