Fast and easy ways to save your skin during winter

I’m sure we’ve all been victims of dry skin at some point in our lives, especially now that winter has arrived.  So I’ve got a few tips and tricks that you could use in your daily beauty routine that could save your dry skin in minutes and inexpensively!
All you need are two things: baby oil and olive oil.

Baby Oil:
I figured this little trick back in the years when I used to live in Toronto where the winters were much harsher than the ones in Hong Kong.  All you have to do is add a few drops of baby oil into your body wash that you use to shower, mix it together and soak up a lather all over your body; rinse off.

 This is a great way to keep your body moisturized while cleaning, as a lot of body washes out there can easily dry up your skin, it’s also great on sensitive skin as baby oil itself is very gentle and is often odorless.  You’ll definitely notice your skin being softer and smoother post shower!

I was also told by my tattoo artist that baby oil is the best type of oil to apply onto your tattoo during the healing process as it prevents the wound from being irritated because it relieves the itchiness and dryness that results from the healing of the tattoo.

Olive Oil:

You’d be surprised as to how versatile this natural oil actually can be.  Not only can it be used for cooking, but it’s also great as a natural skin moisturizer, an eye make up remover, hair conditioner..and the list goes on.

Using Extra virgin oil would be the best as it’s oil that results from the first pressing, meaning it is less processed and therefore retains the most nutrients from its original fruit.

To heal dry skin, apply a few drops of olive oil all over your body post shower, paying attention to areas that are extra dry.   It is best to do it while the skin is still damp as the moisture on your skin helps absorb the oil better.

This oil also doubles up as a make up remover, and hair treatment.
To use as an eye make up remover, just simply add a few drops of it onto a cotton pad, and wipe off.  Olive oil is gentle, and therefore suitable for the delicate skin around your eyes.  If you’re worried that it might be too oily for your eyes, just simply wipe it off with luke warm water to get rid of the excess oil left on your skin.
Olive oil is also great for dry and flaky hair scalp, just simply massage the olive oil into irritated areas to relieve itchiness.

There you have it, a few easy and inexpensive ways to keep your skin moisturized  and happy throughout the winter!