Seafood Stew

Hello all, here’s a really easy stew recipe for those who love stew and seafood. So please enjoy, and let me know if the recipe worked out for you! I’ve also added a side dish of baked asparagus, works out great with the stew.

Seafood Stew:

you’ll need:  2-1/2 cups of vegetable broth,  6 large tiger prawns, 1 cup of bay scallops, 1 cat fish fillet sliced in 1″ cubes, 1 cup long wild rice, 3 tsp minced garlic, 2 tsp chili powder, 1 cup of red peppers sliced, 1 cup of yellow peppers sliced, 1 yellow onion sliced, 4 tomatoes cut in quarters, 1 can of diced tomatoes (keep the water), 1/4 cup of orange juice

1. In a medium sized pot, add the vegetable broth and wait for it to boil, once boiled add in the chilli powder, rice, and garlic
2. reduce to a low-med heat and allow the rice to simmer for about half an hour/when it’s tender, (keep adding a little bit of vegetable broth from time to time once the liquid is being reduced)
3. Once the rice is tender, on high heat, add in the peppers, fresh and diced tomatoes as well as the onions, let the vegetables cook in the broth
4.  Lastly, add the fish, shrimp, scallops and orange juice, and bring the whole pot to a boil
5. Add salt/pepper for seasoning
..and you’re done!

Baked Asparagus

you’ll need:  2 packs of small baby asparagus, 1 tsp of salt, 1 tsp black pepper, 2 tsp of dried mixed herbs, 2 tsp olive oil

1. Preheat oven to 250 C
2. Wash and drain all the baby asparagus, make sure they’re dry before you place them on the tin foil
3. Once the asparagus have been placed on the tin foil, proceed to add the olive oil, salt, pepper and mixed herbs
4. Place it in the oven for about 15 minutes, the asparagus should appear to be dry on the tips and a little browned
..and you’re done!

Hope these recipes will work out for you, happy cooking everyone!

& I just realized I haven’t done tracks of the day in awhile, so here’s a calming tune from The Drums  for your Tuesday night, enjoy!


summer dinners


Broccoli Pesto pasta with Garlic Salmon.
Too lazy to put up the recipe.

Here’s track of the day, happy mid week everyone.


Prom Season: Golden Burgundy

Hi all! Been awhile since my last tutorial, I’ve been trying to come up with a look for this year’s prom.  And today I’m gonna show you a really nice golden burgundy type of look, inspired room.  Because it’s literally filled with purples and burgundies, and no purple isn’t my favourite colour.  So in case you’re wondering:

Anyhow back to today’s look:

As always, prep and prime your face with moisturizer, make up base, foundation, concealer, and loose powder.

1. Apply an eyeshadow base all over the lids, including the bottom of your eyes.
2.  Using a brush, dab a bit of shimmering white eyeshadow and pat it all over the lids.
3. Using a light burgundy cream eye shadow, pat this on the lower half of your lids, about 3/4’s up.  (The key is to dab little by little, so you can blend with your fingers)
It should now look like this:

4. Using an eye shadow brush, dab the dark burgundy eye shadow all over the cream eye shadow.  The burgundy will now appear to be more vibrant because of the cream eye shadow.

5.  Now, use a smaller brush and blend in a gold eyeshadow just on the ball of your eyes and into the inner corners.  You should now use a brush to blend in the edges into the burgundy so it looks less harsh.

6. Using a smaller eye shadow brush, apply a small amount of black on the outer V corner, blend well.
7. Line the bottom of your eyes using the dark burgundy eye shadow, and slowly change it to the gold eye shadow as you reach the inner corner of your eyes.

8. Using a black pencil liner, tight line the upper lids and bring it out just a bit near the end.  Remember not to make the eye liner to thick, as it will make your eyes look heavy.
9. Use a white eyeliner, and line the bottom so it’ll make your eyes pop.
10.  Use a black pencil eyeliner, and line the bottom, just under the white eyeliner.
11.  Apply your false lashes to create a more dramatic look.
12. Fill in your eye brows, make sure the arch is more accentuated than normal.

Blush and Lips:
1. For blush, use a bronze colour to contour the hollows of your cheeks, and apply it an angle.
2. Using a softer pink, apply this on the apples of your cheeks, and blend it with the bronze to lose the harsh lines.
3. Apply a soft pink cream lipstick, and add a clear lip gloss on top.

Your look is complete!… oh wait, don’t forget about the hair :)

Products worth the mention:

1.  (right) Mac’s paint pot in Painterly.  This is a must have product!  It’s basically an eye shadow base that is in a very light cream colour.  The texture of it really grabs onto the pigments in eye shadows, and therefore make it more vibrant and longer lasting.  I sometimes use it to prevent my eyeliner from smudging, and it works wonders :)
2. (left) Mac’s Big Bounce Shadow in Luxury Touch.  This is a great cream/gel eye shadow that’s very easy to blend with just your fingers, or a fiber brush.  It’s great to use under pigment pots or eye shadow to bring out the colours even more.

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, so have fun and stay safe for prom 2011!
Because it’s almost the end of a school year for some people, here’s to happy beginnings, because there ain’t no mountain high enough ♥ 

hot, humid, summer days

Hello summer, you’ve finally arrived in Hong Kong and it’s unbearable with a temperature of 31 degrees and humidity up to 85%, you’re making summer a bit less enjoyable than it should be.  But summer, i still love you nonetheless; I just wish I was at the beach now, rather than working.  So to create a fantasy for myself, I’ve brought to you today Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap, an Australian indie rock band.   It was featured in the film 500 Days of Summer, and if ya’ll haven’t seen that movie yet, you better.  Fantastic film, one of my favourites of all time.

Something about this song makes me want to  lie on a beach, do nothing and stare out into the sun with a significant other and just enjoy the moment of heat.  So here you go, and let the summer days begin :)

The best skin care product i’ve invested in so far

So today, I wanna share with you two special gems of mine: Bliv Off with those heads, and the Shrink and Tighten.
Off with those heads is a sebum gel that helps you get rid of your black and white heads, while Shrink and Tighten is a serum that  helps those with huge pores to… well, shrink and tighten them.

I’ll start off with a review of Off with those heads.

Texture: light clear gel
Scent: minty
What if feels like: if you’re applying this for the first time, it gets really, really tingly, but it’s normal because that’s how it’s supposed to react on your skin. 
To use: if you’re only applying this on your nose, then a small drop (meaning you squeeze the pump just half way), is enough.  Apply this day and night after you’ve cleansed and toned your face.
Results: It advertises the product saying that you should see less and less of your black and white heads after two weeks. For me, however, two weeks didn’t do much.  But on the third week, I started to see results- there were fewer black heads on my nose. I’ve already been using this product for 4 months now and it really does wonders for me.
Price: USD $49.00 for 30ML or USD $63.00 for 45mL

Texture: light cloudy serum
Scent: light grapefruit scent
What if feels like: literally nothing
To use: After cleansing and toning, apply a dime size on areas where you have the largest pores, day and night.
Results: The product claims to help repair your skin by sealing the pores and also prevent future problems by calming the skin.  I’ve been using this product for about month now, and I have to admit, I haven’t seen very drastic results yet.  Though in some areas on my forehead, the pores seem to have gone a bit smaller. So i’ll continue to be patient..and see.  If you’re using this with the black head serum, you should apply that one first, and then this one second. 
 Price: USD $49.00 for 30ML

Hope this review helped you guys, and if any of you have used these products as well, let me know how it’s worked for you!
And as always, track of the day..
today I have Tame Impala’s Sundown Syndrome
somehow this track always makes me think of sitting in a car on a hot summer day, just driving on an never ending road…

Spring 2011: Romper Galore

My favourite rompers and onesies are coming back this season in spring!

Have you chose yours yet?

Cos we all know we love some Biggie, here’s track of the day: 
Hypnotize – Notorious B.I.G

Turntable don’t stop turnin’

Too excited to not blog about this!!
My new gift from the brother, absolutely FANTASTIC.

And of course.. the disc that’s spinning on the turntable..

The White Album by the Beatles.  This vinyl’s at least 30 years old, my dad bought this when he went to college, and kept it along with his other collection of vinyls..and now it belongs to my brother and I.  After all these years, still plays just as good as new.
Now if you will, one of my favourite tracks from this record: Dear Prudence

This is inspiration: Spring 2011

I did not take, nor do I own any of these photographs, these are used merely just for inspirational/research purposes.

I can’t wait for spring to come, getting so sick of winter in Hong Kong because it’s not really winter here, and yet my hands are never warm for a damn second.  Gosh… spring/summer please come soon.

Hopefully this track of the day will cheer everyone up from a grey winter, featuring Kissey Asplund, a Swedish soul artist. Mmm..soul music.

Plastic Moments: When in LA

Christmas 2008 in California
taken with Diana F+

“I’d be safe and warm, if I was in LA”.
Track of the day with The Mamas and Papas – California Dreaming