Barely There

Sooo after much debate, I have decided to go with the left eye for this tutorial. This look is really wearable and simple to do.
Enjoy :)

Start with a foundation that matches your skin tone. For evenly applied foundation, I would suggest using a synthetic brush to apply the foundation all over your face, and then proceed to dab out the excess liquid with a small sponge.


1. Use a matte white, apply it all over your lids to neutralize the colour of your lids and brow bone area
2. Use a shimmering pink shadow, apply this all over your lid, but leave out the brow bone area
It should look like this:

3. Use a matte taupe colour, apply this on the hollows of your eye socket to create a false crease for your eyes.  Blend out well and making sure the eye shadow looks soft.

It should look like this:


1. Using a black pencil liner, tight line the top of your inner lids
2. Using a liquid black eye liner, line the top of your lids and wing it out to create a cat eye effect
It should now look like this:

3. Using a white shimmering liquid eyeliner, carefully line it on top of the black eyeliner
4. With a white pencil liner, line the bottom of your inner lids
5. Using the same black pencil liner, line it lightly on the outside of the white liner you created in step 4, remember you want to keep it soft
It should now look like this:

6. Apply false demi-lashes to enhance the cat eye effect.
Eye brows:
1. Fill in your brows with a darker tone, and stroke it nicely according to your own brow shape

Highlighting and Contouring:

1. Using a small headed brush, dab it in some brown eye shadow or contouring powder, apply it lightly on the inner corners of your eye brow, extending it all the way down to your nose.  Do the same for the other side of your nose
2. Using a contouring brush, apply bronzer or contouring powder on the hollows of your cheeks, (just right under your cheek bones)
3. Dab your finger in some white shimmering powder and highlight your nose bone, your cheek bones, and your cupid’s bow.
It should now look like this:

1. Complete your look by applying a matte nude lipstick

And your look is complete!

Have fun!


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