The holidays

Hey guys, so I decided to create a holiday look with some warm tones of peach, brown, and auburn/burgundy’s.
This is my first attempt at this look, i’m still not sure whether to stick with red or nude lips.
What do you guys think?

Gonna revise this look throughout the week, and hopefully it’ll be up on the blog by next weekend, stay tuned!

Time to shed my make up…!

Tip #1: Remember to hold the cotton pad with eye make up remover against your eyes for a few seconds before  gently wiping it off.  To remove mascara, use a q tip, it’s much easier that way.

Squeaky clean :)
Tip #2: After removing all make up, make sure you soak a cotton pad with toner and wipe your face clean.  A toner helps remove any leftover residue that the cleanser didn’t manage to clean.
Tip#3: Remember to apply moisturizer after you’ve cleaned your face.  The number one reason why people have oily faces is because they don’t moisturize their faces enough, therefore causing the skin to produce more sebum to naturally “moisturize” your face.
If you have a combination-oily face, try choosing water based moisturizers instead of oil based, as those could leave you breaking out.

And my favourite part of the skin care regime – paper masks :)
They’re so hydrating and great for the winter!

Tip #4: Before putting on the paper mask, exfoliate your face with a peeling gel (I’ve used the Yoghurt Peeling Gel by Laneige).  They act as a dust sweeper that gets rid of all your dead skin cells that have built up over time, that way when you put on your paper mask, it’ll absorb into your skin better.
Tip#5: After exfoliating, apply a hydrating essence, (I’ve used ones from Laneige, Skin Food, and Clinique), this will hydrate your skin even better as the paper mask will help absorb the essence into your skin.
Tip#6: Paper masks are great for all skin types, and especially great for those with combination-oily skin, as it is more hydrating than moisturizing.  If you tend to have dry skin, you might like cream masks better as they are more moisturizing.   If you like cream masks, you can check out the ones by Lush as they’re all natural and provides cream masks for all skin types!

Remember, especially during the winter, our skin NEEDS water and hydration, if you can, do a facial mask every other day and keep moisturizing; you’ll find your skin glowing and radiating in no time :)

Have fun and stay warm! 


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