New Years Glam!

It’s almost new years eve, what’re you all gonna do to celebrate?!
Well, for today’s tutorial, I’ll be doing a new years glam look, featuring my one and only sister in law Ada Chung.
For this look, I’ll be demonstrating two different techniques to create the look.  Ada will be wearing the toned down version of the look, (suitable for those who want their make up to look less exaggerated);  and I will be wearing the full on version that will give you all the drama you need for the night!

First and foremost, prep and prime your face as always.

Using a synthetic brush, dab a pea size of silver gel/cream eye shadow and mix it with some white shimmery pigment shadow like so:

Mixing the pigment powder with the cream shadow will give you more shimmer without using glitter, as glitter can sometimes be really messy! 

On Ada: apply the well mixed cream shadow all over your lids, just up to the hollows of your eyes.  The shape of the eye shadow should follow the natural shape of your eyes, in Ada’s case, a circular shape.  Make sure you apply it on the inner corner of your eyes as well.

On me: apply the well mixed cream shadow all over lids, up to the hollows of the eyes and taper it to the outer corner of your eyes, creating a V shape.

On Ada: Using a dark forest green eye shadow, apply this on the crease line, and blend well.

On me: Using a dark forest green eye shadow, apply this on the crease line and taper it out to the outer V following the silver cream shadow.  Use a black pencil eyeliner, trace the outer V of your eyes.  This will create a template for you when you apply the black eye shadow later on.

On Ada: Using a black eye shadow, apply just a tad bit, close to your upper lash line, and bring it out to the outer corner of your eyes, tracing along the hollows of your eyes, (remember to blend well and that a little bit is enough as you don’t want an over powering look).

On me: Using a black eye shadow, apply it close to your lash line and wing it out to where you’ve traced the outer V with the black eye liner.  Blend well around the hollows of your eyes, make sure you don’t cover the forest green with the black. There should be a gradient of colours.

On Ada: Using the same dark forest green eye shadow, line the bottom of your eyes half way.  Line the rest of your eyes with a white shimmering pigment powder to open up the eyes.
Use a black eye liner and tight line the top and bottom lash line.
Apply a pair of natural false lashes to bring out your eyes even more.
Finish off the look by filling in your eyebrows and applying a nude lipstick so that you keep the focus on the eyes.
Apply blush and an illuminator on your cheek bones and the bridge of your nose to create that radiant effect.

On me: Apply the dark forest green eye shadow on the lower lash line, just half way and finish the rest of the liner with a white shimmering pigment powder.
Using a black pencil eyeliner, tight line the top and bottom of your lash line, with the bottom going all the way into the tear ducts, this will create a more intense look.
Apply a pair of thick false lashes to give your eyes more drama.
Finish off by filling in your eye brows, blush and apply a nude lipstick on your lips.
Don’t forget to highlight your cheek bones and nose bridge!

And your look is complete :)

In the picture above, you can see the difference in technique for applying eye shadow and how it affects the entire look.

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, and have a safe and fun new years eve !


The Classic Christmas Look

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!
I’ve finally got the Xmas look revised and it’s a more classic look using colours of brown and black.  This look will definitely match any colour dress, so please enjoy :)

1. Apply an eye shadow base all over the lids.
2. Using a champagne colour, apply it all over the eyelids, including the brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes
3. Now, using a shimmery peach colour, apply it on the eyelids up to the hollows of the eyes.
It should now look like this:

4. Using a shimmery brown, apply it on the crease of your eyes and wing it out, creating an angle at the outer corner of the eye:

5. Using a black eye shadow, apply it on the innermost part of your eyelid, (close to the lash line), and wing it out, (following the brown).

6. With a black pencil eyeliner, tight line the upper lid.
7. With a white pencil eyeliner, line the bottom water line all the way.
8. Using the same black black eyeliner, line just outside of the white eyeliner you’ve made, (this will create the illusion of larger looking eyes)
9. For a more dramatic/smoky look, apply black eye shadow on the bottom liner where you’ve applied the black pencil liner.
10.  To create brighter looking eyes, use a shimmering white eyeliner, and dab a bit of it on the inner corner of your eyes.
It should now look like this:

11. Using a dark grey eyebrow pencil, fill in the brows according to your own shape.
12. Apply demi lashes to enhance the winged eye shadow look.

13. Apply a dark red wine lip stick.
Tip: To create luscious and fuller looking lips, dab a bit of white shimmering eye shadow/highlighter on your cupid’s bow, (the two upper corners of your lips).
14. Highlight and contour to bring out the features of your face even more.
15. Apply your favourite blush to finish off the look.

Your look is now complete and ready for Christmas!

Merry Christmas <3

Fast and easy ways to save your skin during winter

I’m sure we’ve all been victims of dry skin at some point in our lives, especially now that winter has arrived.  So I’ve got a few tips and tricks that you could use in your daily beauty routine that could save your dry skin in minutes and inexpensively!
All you need are two things: baby oil and olive oil.

Baby Oil:
I figured this little trick back in the years when I used to live in Toronto where the winters were much harsher than the ones in Hong Kong.  All you have to do is add a few drops of baby oil into your body wash that you use to shower, mix it together and soak up a lather all over your body; rinse off.

 This is a great way to keep your body moisturized while cleaning, as a lot of body washes out there can easily dry up your skin, it’s also great on sensitive skin as baby oil itself is very gentle and is often odorless.  You’ll definitely notice your skin being softer and smoother post shower!

I was also told by my tattoo artist that baby oil is the best type of oil to apply onto your tattoo during the healing process as it prevents the wound from being irritated because it relieves the itchiness and dryness that results from the healing of the tattoo.

Olive Oil:

You’d be surprised as to how versatile this natural oil actually can be.  Not only can it be used for cooking, but it’s also great as a natural skin moisturizer, an eye make up remover, hair conditioner..and the list goes on.

Using Extra virgin oil would be the best as it’s oil that results from the first pressing, meaning it is less processed and therefore retains the most nutrients from its original fruit.

To heal dry skin, apply a few drops of olive oil all over your body post shower, paying attention to areas that are extra dry.   It is best to do it while the skin is still damp as the moisture on your skin helps absorb the oil better.

This oil also doubles up as a make up remover, and hair treatment.
To use as an eye make up remover, just simply add a few drops of it onto a cotton pad, and wipe off.  Olive oil is gentle, and therefore suitable for the delicate skin around your eyes.  If you’re worried that it might be too oily for your eyes, just simply wipe it off with luke warm water to get rid of the excess oil left on your skin.
Olive oil is also great for dry and flaky hair scalp, just simply massage the olive oil into irritated areas to relieve itchiness.

There you have it, a few easy and inexpensive ways to keep your skin moisturized  and happy throughout the winter!

my top 5 beauty picks atm

So Christmas is rolling around the corner, and if you’re still thinking about gifts for your girlfriend, or best friend, I’ve got some ideas for you!  Being the product person I am, I’ve actually tried a lot of different skin care products, hair care products, make up ..and the list goes on and on.  So I figured it would be nice to share with you all my favourites out of the bunch.

1. Lush’s Big Shampoo

Intended for: people with limp and greasy hair
Price: $24.95 CDN/$189.00 HK for a pot (usually lasts for about two months when I use it everyday, you only need a dime size)

I felt like I found gold when I used this shampoo because I have VERY limp hair and volume is basically non existent. At about two years ago I gave this shampoo a try and it has been one of the best hair products I’ve used so far.  Its main ingredients are sea salt and lime juice, so the texture of this shampoo is actually really grainy.  The sea salt helps keep your hair soft, while the lime juices cleanses your hair, removing build up and gives your hair a great shine.  You’ll definitely feel the difference with this shampoo after you rinse off, because it actually leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean and I loooveee the smell of this shampoo, it’s quite citrus-y, and you’ll notice it throughout the day.  I’ve also noticed that my hair was less oily, and felt a lot more weightless.   I would, however, not recommend this product if you have really dry hair as it could make dry it out even more.

2. Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion 2 (Toner)

Intended for: people with combination-oily skin
Price: $ 21.oo US (400 ml)/$270 HKD (400 ml) (lasts for a really long time, I’m still working on it..)

This is part of Clinique’s 3 step skin care program.  The toner itself is great for those with combination-oily skin.  It contains a little bit of alcohol, but it is gentle enough to be used on the face.  I was surprised when I used it the first time because even after I had cleaned my face with a cleanser, I was still able to wipe off brown residue on my cotton pad soaked with this toner.  It’s definitely a great buy as it really picks up on the dirt and left over residue on your face.  It’s also fragrance free, perfect for those with sensitive skin.  However, if you have really dry skin, then you might opt for the # 1 (these toners range from 1-4, with 1 being the most mild; suitable for dry and sensitive skin, while number 4 is suited for those with very oily skin types).  It’s definitely a great buy and economical.

#3  MAC’S Fortified Skin Enhancer

Intended for: those with dull skin and needs a boost in radiance
Price: $30.00 US/$290 HKD

If you love glowing skin, then you gotta love this primer.  It’s basically one of those primers where you could either use alone, or under a foundation.  What I love about it, is that it’s got sunscreen, and you can really see your skin radiating after you apply it.  It’s a little bit tinted, but it definitely won’t leave your skin feeling too pale.  After using it, it keeps my make up together throughout the day, and most importantly keeps my skin glowing.  It’s a bit pricey, but you only need a wee bit of it every time, therefore, a tube like that could last you for a good 2 and half months or so.  It also comes in 4 different shades depending on what your skin tone is.

#4 Clinique’s All About Eyes

Intended for: those with dark circles, puffy eyes and dry skin
Price: $29.00 USD / $ 260 HKD

Although I haven’t seen much of a difference in my puffiness, I did notice that it has really hydrated my skin around the eye area.  I have relatively dry skin under the eyes, and because of that, wrinkles have started to develop.  However it has been better after using this product, as it really hydrates the skin around it.   I would especially recommend this eye cream for those who need a light but moisturizing eye cream.  The texture of this cream isn’t too heavy and perfect for those who are prone to developing white heads around the eye area, ie myself.  It’s also very soothing, so when you use it in the morning, it sorta wakes you up from your sleepiness!

#5 Laneige’s Water Bank Essence

Intended for: all skin types, esp those who need a boost in hydration
Price: $310 HKD for 60 ml (I’ve been using it for a month, and I still have 3/4 of it left)

This product worked really well for me as I felt that the moisture and hydration it gave me, lasted throughout the night, (when I applied it before sleeping) and through the day, (when I applied it in the morning).  It has a watery texture and when you apply it, it’s really soothing.  For those who have dry skin, you can use this essence first and then apply your moisturizer on top for a better effect.  It definitely wasn’t sticky or oily, it just made my skin feel like it was surged with water and gave my skin more elasticity.  It’s also a great product to bring with you on the plane as it hydrates your skin through long hours.  I would however warn those with sensitive skin about this product, as it contains a strong fragrance.

Hope this will benefit you all in choosing your Christmas gifts this year.
Happy Christmas shopping everyone :)

The holidays

Hey guys, so I decided to create a holiday look with some warm tones of peach, brown, and auburn/burgundy’s.
This is my first attempt at this look, i’m still not sure whether to stick with red or nude lips.
What do you guys think?

Gonna revise this look throughout the week, and hopefully it’ll be up on the blog by next weekend, stay tuned!

Time to shed my make up…!

Tip #1: Remember to hold the cotton pad with eye make up remover against your eyes for a few seconds before  gently wiping it off.  To remove mascara, use a q tip, it’s much easier that way.

Squeaky clean :)
Tip #2: After removing all make up, make sure you soak a cotton pad with toner and wipe your face clean.  A toner helps remove any leftover residue that the cleanser didn’t manage to clean.
Tip#3: Remember to apply moisturizer after you’ve cleaned your face.  The number one reason why people have oily faces is because they don’t moisturize their faces enough, therefore causing the skin to produce more sebum to naturally “moisturize” your face.
If you have a combination-oily face, try choosing water based moisturizers instead of oil based, as those could leave you breaking out.

And my favourite part of the skin care regime – paper masks :)
They’re so hydrating and great for the winter!

Tip #4: Before putting on the paper mask, exfoliate your face with a peeling gel (I’ve used the Yoghurt Peeling Gel by Laneige).  They act as a dust sweeper that gets rid of all your dead skin cells that have built up over time, that way when you put on your paper mask, it’ll absorb into your skin better.
Tip#5: After exfoliating, apply a hydrating essence, (I’ve used ones from Laneige, Skin Food, and Clinique), this will hydrate your skin even better as the paper mask will help absorb the essence into your skin.
Tip#6: Paper masks are great for all skin types, and especially great for those with combination-oily skin, as it is more hydrating than moisturizing.  If you tend to have dry skin, you might like cream masks better as they are more moisturizing.   If you like cream masks, you can check out the ones by Lush as they’re all natural and provides cream masks for all skin types!

Remember, especially during the winter, our skin NEEDS water and hydration, if you can, do a facial mask every other day and keep moisturizing; you’ll find your skin glowing and radiating in no time :)

Have fun and stay warm! 

Plastic Moments: Random days & nights

Shooting with my favourite toy – Diana F+:

(Please click images to enlarge)