Fall/Winter Make Up Trend #2 Spider Lashes

For today’s tutorial, i’m gonna recreate one of the make up trends for Fall/Winter this year –
The Spider Lash look.

For this look, it’s all about the eye lashes, and so there’s actually very minimal eyeliner and eye shadow.  It’s a really easy tutorial to follow, and it’s also the perfect look to go out in at night. So please enjoy!

1. Once you’ve got your face foundation and concealer ready, apply a light eye base/lid primer all over your lids.
2. Using a matte, dark brown eye shadow, sweep it all over your lids.
3. Using a matte, white eye shadow, apply it on your brow bone area, lightly.
4. Using the same matte, brown eye shadow, sweep it at the bottom of your lids.
5. Choose a brown pencil eyeliner and line the bottom of your eyes.
It should now look similar to this:

6. Now choose a pair of dramatic false lashes, and apply them on the top of your lids.
7. For the bottom lashes, I’ve used false lashes that are specifically for the bottom lashes.  They come in smaller strips and are stringed by fish wire (transparent wire), and look more natural. The ones I’m using are called “Wink Dolly”, from Japan and you can purchase them in SaSa .
Apply these at the bottom of your lashes bit by bit.
8. Use a volumizing mascara and apply it on the top and bottom of your lashes.
It should now look similar to this:

For this look, I’ve created a lip stain look.  All you have to do is apply your lipstick just in the center of your lips, lightly.  Then you put your lips together slightly to blend out the lipstick. This will make your lips look like they’ve been stained in red instead of having a full on red lip. It will also look more natural.

1. Using a dark brown eyebrow pencil, pencil in your eye brows lightly.
Here’s a little tip if you have eyebrow hair that’s straying away from your natural shape:
Dip the back of your eye shadow brush in some eye lash glue, and lightly brush it over your eyebrows.  The glue in will keep your hairs together so your eye brow looks more defined. OR you could just purchase an eyebrow gel.

Not a lot of blush is required for this look, unless you want to.  For me, I have just applied a bronzer on the hollows of my cheeks to contour my face.

and your look is complete!


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