Gimme some pixie dust

First of all, excuse me for my absence!  But here I am now, with a new make up tutorial in which I created for one of the shows I did before I left to Canada for two weeks.  The show was based on the story Peter Pan and I was given the opportunity to do the costume designs and make up.  It was a good long four days of tiring work, but nonetheless very very fun, especially with the children backstage.  So without further due here’s a picture from rehearsal:

And so among all the characters in the play, most people loved the make up I did for Tinkerbell the most, and today I’m gonna post a tutorial for that, enjoy! (you can click the photos to enlarge)

 1. As always, start with a clean fresh face.

2. Use an eye primer to prime the eyes.
3. With an eye shadow brush, apply a pearly white colour all over the lids, paying attention to the brow bone.
4. Now, apply a gold eye shadow all over the lids, excluding the brow bone.
5. Using a smaller brush, apply a light green eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes, bringing it down to the inner edges at the bottom of your eyes
6. Now, use a darker green eye shadow, apply it on the outer V of your eyes, make sure you blend it well.
7. To open your eyes even more, use an eye shadow brush and dip it in some gold pigment powder, and apply it on the ball of your eyes (the center of your eyelids).
It should now look something similar to this:

8. Apply eyeliner on the top of your lids, making sure you keep it as close to your lash line as possible. (Here, i’m using smashbox’s jet set gel eyeliner in brown)
9. Don’t forget to line the bottom of your eyes as well, keeping it close to your tear ducts.
10. Now you may apply false lashes on the top, and in this look, I’ve also done it on the bottom as well for bigger looking eyes.
It should now look similar to this:

11. Highlight and contour your face. To contour, use an angled brush and dab it in a dark bronzing powder or a contouring compact and apply it right under your cheek bones, at an angle.
12. Using a smaller angled brush, dab a small amount of the bronzing powder/contouring compact, and apply it on either side of the nose, starting from the inner corner of your eyebrows all the way down to either sides of the tip of your nose.  (make sure you do it bit by bit, because it can look really fake if you put too much of it. Also, make sure you have steady hands because making a mistake could make you look like you have a crooked nose!)
13. To highlight, use a shimmering powder/illuminating liquid and dab bits of it on your cheeks, forehead, and the bridge of your nose.
See how it really shapes your face?

Now here comes the messy part, because I’ve designed the costume for Tinkerbell in tones of green and gold, I’ve decided to make her lips glittery gold as well, because after all, she’s still a fairy!

14. For the lips, apply a sticky clear lip gloss all over the lips.
15. Using a q tip, scoop bits of glitter and dab it on your lips, (the lip gloss will make the glitter stick to your lips).

And now you have lips of gold!

In the show, I’ve also made a golden leaf hairband for her, but I don’t have one myself…so I used a yellow hair band instead.
Your look is now complete!!

.s: I’m part of another blog right now as well with a bunch of my fellow friends in Canada, so if you have time please visit New Pulp!


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