temporary lip tattoos, say what?!

First there were eye shadow applicator strips, where you’d apply it on the eyelids, peel, and get a fabulous eye shadow gradient, and now temporary lip tattoos!  I feel that these “advancements” in make up application is creating a convenience of forgetting the importance and talent of a make up artist.  Soon enough, we might even see  foundation applicator masks being produced, and before you know it the role of a make up artist becomes history.
Anyhow, that’s just my thoughts on it, back to the product itself;  they’re created by Violent Lips, with a variety of funky and fun patterns for your lips.  Below are some of the patterns that are currently on sale now:

Personally I feel that these are really fun and fantastic, but at the same time depending on your whole outfit, hair and make up, it could either make you look super au couture or just plain ghetto.   If they surface in Hong Kong, I will definitely give them a try, just to see what it’s all about.  So wait for my update on that ;)


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