Same High

Since watching The Kids Are All Right, I’ve been quite obsessed with their soundtrack and have found lots of new bands to listen to.  Amongst those bands were Uh Huh her, an indie electro pop band formed by two girls from California.  Their one song, Same High was featured in the film, and I have since then looked up their other tracks, and easily enough, I fell in love with them.  Their style is somewhat similar to La Roux, but definitely a lot less electro and more so indie pop/rock.  So for those who were immediately turned off by the fact that they were labeled “electro music”, can now open up your ears and give this band a try.  Their first album Common Reaction, was released back in 2008.  Their new album Nocturnes, is set to release this spring.

Sadly, they’re going to Toronto this weekend on Saturday, shame that I won’t be there to hear them live : (

Sooo here is my favourite track from them, Same High.


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