Coco Avant Chanel

Absolutely. Loved. This. Film.
It was beautiful, moving, inspiring, heartbreaking and all in all elegant, just exactly what Chanel represented.  The truth is, we all know what Chanel is, today.  It’s a haute couture fashion house that only people with a certain amount of fortune could afford on a regular basis.  But most of us don’t know the story of this talented, outspoken woman before her success.  Before Coco Chanel, she was simply Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel.

The film begins with Gabrielle Chanel and her sister, Adrianne on a horse carriage taking them to an orphanage.  Little is said about her childhood as it was very ambiguous, but all we get from the film is that she waited for her father that never came back to her.  And then we fast forward to Gabrielle in her early-mid 20’s dancing and singing in cabaret at a bar with her sister, just trying to make a penny to get by in life.  Throughout the film, a consistent character of hers was carried throughout the story in defining just how strong Garbrielle Chanel was, even before she became Chanel.  She believed in the emancipation of women during the early 20th century, when for the norm, most women were constricted by rib cage killing corsets, heavy caked make up, and all things frilly and lacey.  This strong belief of hers eventually led her to become one of the most prominent haute couture designers in the world.

It’s definitely a movie worth watching if you love beautiful things, and when I say beautiful things, i mean beautiful scenery, beautiful clothing, beautiful people, and beautiful cinematography.  Audrey Tautou does the role justice as she captures every elegance there is in the character of Gabrielle and Coco Chanel.   This movie is definitely a pick-me-up movie when you’re feeling less than special or ordinary, because upon watching this movie, it definitely reassured me of all my passions in life and always standing strong for your beliefs as an independent woman.

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