The Valentine

Sorry for the delay in posts lately – work, shows and as mentioned in earlier posts, moving has taken over my life recently.  However, I have finally settled in my new home!  Hopefully I’ll get around to blogging about the decor in my new room.
But, because tomorrow’s valentine’s day, I’ve created this look for those of you who will be celebrating with your significant other!  Please enjoy : )

1. Apply a light pink eye shadow all over your lids.
2.  Using a light pink shimmer shadow, dust it on the inner corners of your eyes.

3.  Using a darker shade of pink, mixed with a hint of red, apply this colour to the outer half of your eyelids. You should use the brush to pat on the color for more intensity, and blend it out afterwards.

4. Now, using a small round eyeshadow brush, pat on a brown color on the outer V of the eyes.  Blend it out just a bit.

5.  Use a brown pencil liner, and line your eyes.
(depending on your liking, cat eyes are optional for this look)
6. Using an eyeliner brush, dip it into the light pink shimmer eyeshadow and line the bottom inner corner of your eyes.

7. Using the same brown pencil liner, line the waterline of your eyes just half way, and smudge it out so it looks softer.
8.  Curl your eyelashes, and apply mascara.

For this look, I’ve chosen a light, slightly metallic pink lip stick.

If you want more luminosity to the face, you can apply a liquid highlighter on the cheekbone area to create the effect of radiant, glowing skin.

Your look is complete!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Track of the day with Nouvelle Vague’s This is not a love song…


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