Knitwear Symphony

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately! Been so busy with work AND moving, double stress.  But I really wanna update on the Knitwear Symphony fashion show I saw last week showcasing the works by various students from different universities in HK and also professionals in the field.  Soo amazing, and so much talent in the local community, i was blown away !

Sorry the photos are so blurry! I should have brought a better camera with me…but this was the best I could do.
The above was my favourite collection, it incorporated Manchurian elements of the Qing Dynasty into the post modern fashion wear, it was a really clever idea.

again… I wish I had a better camera.

So I’m probably gonna go MIA again, moving this weekend! So excited about my new room, gonna post pictures of it once I settle in.  As well, gonna update with some of my own lomo photographs that I recently developed next time.

Track of the day: Here comes the Sun – The Beatles



2 thoughts on “Knitwear Symphony

    • this was at the wan chai convention center!
      it was like fashion week or something, and it showcased all the different works done by students and professionals. it was a competition. really cool!

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