Brigitte Bardot inspired

As I had mentioned earlier, I was planning on doing a Brigitte Bardot inspired make up tutorial..well, here it is!

Have your face ready – moisturize, prep and prime.  We’re gonna go straight to the eye make up.

1. Apply a white matte eye shadow all over your entire lids including your brow bone, this will be your base
2. Using a silver shimmering gel eye shadow (I used the japanese brand Kate for this look), apply it all over your lids.  It should now look like this:

3.  Using a black eyeshadow, apply it on the crease all the way to the outer V corner and up the contouring of your eye socket.  Try to apply it so that it wings out a little, blend it out, similar to this:

4.  Using  liquid eyeliner, apply a winged eyeliner on the top making sure that the winged line follows the winged eyeshadow.
5.  Using a black pencil eyeliner, line the bottom of your eyes and blend it out a little.
6.  Put on a pair of full and lush lashes.
It should now look something similar to this:

To complete your look, fill in your brows with a more exaggerated arch, and for the lips, choose a light pink color.  Apply gloss in the middle of your lips to create the pout.

..and your look is complete!

And this was what I used to create the silver color on the lids (Kate gel eye shadow). I really like this gel eyeshadow as the colors are really vibrant when you apply them on the eyes.  It’s very water soluble, and that also makes it one of its disadvantages, because the colors can fade during the day.  But I’m sure if you apply an eye base, it’ll help.   Other than that, the texture is really cool, it’s kinda wet but it dries really quick once you apply it..kinda fun to play with!  Bought it for HKD$54 from Sasa.

So, good luck and have fun with this Brigitte Bardot inspired look!

Last but not least, track of the day:
Knife by CSS


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