Perfect Sundays

Sometimes Sundays are just the best days of the week, even though Monday means work again.  However, because my week starts on a Tuesday, Sunday has become the new Saturday.
Enough of all that Saturday Sunday Monday talk, today my perfect day consisted of eating great food and watching a very decent film with my most special one.

Brunch at The Flying Pan was yummm.  If any of you guys like brunch, then this is one of the great places in HK that does 24 hour brunch.
Location: Baileys Street, Central (Soho area)
Price range: $50-$150 HKD
It has a wide variety of breakfast plates – omlettes, all styles of eggs benedicts, sandwiches, griddles, pancakes and lots of yummy sides!

For Dinner we had Ramen at Daruma – one of the best!
Location: 92 E, Tung Lo Wan Road, Tai Hang
Price range: $60-$100 HKD
To be able to dine in this resturant, you gotta get there before 6pm, as people start lining up and it’s a very dinky tiny resturant. We were lucky that we got there just a little earlier than 6 to go in as their first round of customers.   There are three kinds of soup bases to choose from – pork bone soup, spicy and soy sauce soup base.  I would highly recommend the pork bone soup base because it actually tastes like they had put pork bone in it and boiled it for hours!

As for the decent film I was talking about earlier..

Awkward, subtly humorous, and dysfunctional.  Oh, and super good.
A great film about a lesbian couple with a family of two kids curious about their sperm donor father.  It was one of those movies where you walk in and expected a L-O-L  comedy, but really the humor that it brought out, was better than your average L-O-L  moments.   The humor was subtle and minor, but all these little moments accumulated in the film making it a great drama comedy to watch.  One of my favorite things of the film was also its use of puns in their dialogue, it surprised me as to how well the writer played with words in the film during awkward scenarios -it put a smile on my face every time a word came up with a double meaning.  And trust me, when it’s used in a film about a lesbian family, you’re bound to have a laugh.  Apart from the humor aspect, the film was also very moving in a way that it puts us in a situation where we see what family love meant in a very unconventional family, and also the roles that are played in a family when both parents are mothers.

Anyhow, I highly recommend this film, so watch it if you haven’t already!!
Trailer for your curiosity:

And as always, before I go, here’s my track of the day – Quadron’s Slippin, it was featured in the movie too.  A playful beat, perfect for your sunday night, enjoy:


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  1. I just realized the name was posted on the site. But since I didn’t have html enabled on my email receipts I didn’t know you posted it – hence my identification of the name. (Just in case you thought I was -_-“).

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