The Winter Smoky


So here’s an updated tutorial of the Winter Smoky Eyes!  This look is inspired by this season’s make up trends, soft and subtle, au naturale etc.  Lots of neutral colors involved  – beige and taupe colors, with a hint of burgundy.

This is the color palette I used to create this look.  To begin with,
1. Use the highlighting colour on the top right hand corner, and cover your brow bone and the entire lid bringing it into the inner corners of your eyes as well.
2. Take the taupe colour on the bottom left and apply it on your entire eyelids, leaving just the brow bone.
It should now look something similar to this:

a lil tip: you can stick tape on the outer corner of your eyes slanting upwards so you can prevent fall outs of the eye shadow on the side.

3. Now, use the colour on the top left corner and apply it liberally on the crease, so it looks like this:

4.  With the burgundy on the bottom left corner of the palette, apply it just on the outer V of your eyes, blend it so that it contours the hollows of your eyes:

5. Using the same colour, line the bottom of your eyes with it, connecting the top and bottom:

6.  Using a black pencil eyeliner, line the top and bottom of your eyes and smudge them so it’s softer.  Apply mascara afterwards as well:

For the lips, make them nude.
1. Apply lip balm
2. Dab a little concealer and apply it on the lips
3. Apply a little bit of clear lip gloss just on the center of the lips:

Fill in your brows, apply your blush & your look is complete!
This look is perfect for dinners because of its soft and subtleness.  Hope you guys enjoyed it.
Good luck and have fun!

Oh, here’s my track of the day:

Been listening to this every day since I downloaded it from my friend’s blog at Unkitsch .


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