a close tear jerker: Conviction

So I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately, and my most recent one being:

Directed by Tony Goldwyn, starring Hilary Swank as Betty Anne Waters, and Sam Rockwell as Kenneth Waters.  This movie is based on a true event that happened in Massachusetts about Kenny (Rockwell), who gets convicted of a brutal murder in 1983.  Following the conviction, his sister Betty (Swank), decides to go to law school to become her own brother’s attorney in fighting the case to prove his innocence.  The film illustrates the obstacles that Betty Anne goes through for 18 years because of the simple belief and love she has for her one brother, Kenny.

I wouldn’t say this was the best movie I ever watched, but Swank’s performance in there makes it worth watching.  The dialogue between the two characters were so strong and compelling that it made the love bond between the siblings very believable.  The film itself jumps back and forth, constantly going into flashbacks of Kenny and Betty Anne’s childhood.  The flashbacks creates the picture of their unconditional love for each other, and also presents a reason for Betty Anne’s perseverance and stubbornness in the movie.  It’s really one of those movies that make you feel that family really IS the most important thing.  So if you’re a sucker for tear jerking movies, well then, please watch this one and bring a tissue box with you!

Oh, and to spark your interest:


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