Black Swan

One word: INTENSE.
Where do I even begin with this story?  Well first of all I would like to say Natalie Portman is absolutely gorgeous, her beauty just captures you in this film and Mila Kunis is just hot.
So why Black Swan?  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the ballet Swan Lake,  it is a tragic story of a girl who, under the spell of an evil witch gets turned into a white swan.  In order to break the spell, the girl must fall in love with a man and vice versa.  She finally finds her prince charming, but only to find out that he is seduced by her twin sister, the black swan.   Devastated, the white swan kills herself in the end.

This ballet serves as a parallel story in the movie when Nina  (Portman) a ballerina in the New York City Ballet gets casted as the Queen Swan in the company’s production of the Swan Lake as the previous prima ballerina, Beth (played by Winona Ryder) suddenly retires.  Because Nina is casted as both the white swan and black swan, she starts to find herself in a struggle when she realizes that she is better depicted as the white swan (fragile, innocent, pure), while the newcomer, Lily (Kunis), is better depicted as the black swan (seductive, and dark).   The more Nina digs into her character as both black and white swans, the more she feels threatened by the presence of Lily, and the more she finds out about her dark side.  As a result, weird things start to happen…one of them being her not-so-platonic relationship with Lily.

This film was so emotionally intense that I had to calm myself down a little after watching it.  It kept me on the edge of my seat and Portman’s acting was just exquisite!  Her every emotion was so believable and fragile that I almost felt no one could’ve played it better.  The emotional roller coaster that Nina went through in the film, reflected some elements of reality in the dance world where a ballerina feels threatened just knowing that her understudy or the fact that any other ballerina could possibly one day replace her.  I felt that Darren Aronfsky did a really good job in exploring the themes of the evil twin, good vs. evil, the idea of a double, and the emotional damage of one’s inner demons.  These themes were readily present through the constant use of mirrors in the entire film.

If there was one criticism about the film, it would be the horror elements incorporated in the movie.  Though categorized as a psychological thriller, it could somewhat be passed as a horror film as well.  There were some scenes that made me feel queasy while other images were a little disturbing.  But, if you can look past that, this movie is easily one of the best movies made in 2010.  Before I spoil too much about the film.. here’s a trailer for those who still haven’t seen it:

oh and guys, if you feel that this movie is too girly for you, it’s not. Because what’s hotter than Portman and Kunis in a lesbian love scene?



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