Detox and Reboot!

First of all, Happy 2011, this is my first post in the new years and I’m almost sure it’s gonna be a useful post for most people.So, if you partied just a little too much last night, not to worry.. there are still ways to detox and reboot your body from the inside and out!

Starting with detoxing your body..
Remember that it’s very important to
1. Drink at least two full glasses of water right when you wake up so it flushes the remaining alcohol out of your system and rehydrate your body from all the excess drinking.
2. Avoid oily and high sodium foods as this will retain the water in your body making it unable to flush the fluids out.
3. I was lucky to have a wonderful friend of mine from Montreal that bought me some David’s Tea, with one of them in particular that is great for detoxing!

This tea contains: roobios, ginger, gingko, lemongrass and juniper berries.  Roobios is a type of plant from South Africa and is known to boost your immune system, treat allergies and recent studies suggests that it may also treat acne.  Ginger is a type of root that is a natural remedy for an upset stomach and relieves nausea.  Gingko is a type of plant native to China that helps boost blood circulation in your system, and therefore helping your brain in its alertness; I was also told that if you consume Gingko in the long term, it may also improve your memory.  Lemongrass is a type of grass that contains Vitamin A which is good for your eyes and skin, and it is known to help with poor digestion and can also calm your nerves (which may be helpful when you’re hungover).  Last but not least, Juniper berries help to remove excess water from your body, and also helps with digestive system.

Another tea I know that is good for curing hangovers is Gingseng tea.  And this comes from personal experience too.  So there you go..have some hot tea and feel better!!

As we all know, drinking excessively can really stress out our skin as it will dehydrate it.  But more importantly, we should always keep in mind that whether we’ve had a few drinks or not that it is very crucial to wipe your make up off every night before you take your beauty sleep.  Leaving your make up on at night can clog your pores and create breakouts the next morning and will double stress your skin if you’ve actually drank the night before.
When the next morning comes, you should remember to wash your face with a mild cleanser as your skin may be sensitive from dehydration from the alcohol.  And lucky for me, another wonderful friend of mine gave me this super hydrating mask from Bliv by Cellnique, and I will suggest to plop this mask on right after you wash your face.

It contains all sorts of fruit acid complexes and acerola fruit extracts that can lighten and brighten your skin tone, unclog your pores, retain moisture in your skin, it’s also anti bacterial and acerola is a known antioxidant.
I must say, this mask is really hydrating, it is literally dripping with moisture once you take it out of the pack.  It is also very soothing and feels great on tired skin.  All you need is 20 minutes, take it off and massage the excess goodies into your skin and you’ll instantly feel that your skin has come alive again.
Another mask that I suggest would be perfect for re-hydrating after a long night of partying is the ice cream mask that I blogged about earlier on from Lush – A crash course in skincare.

After you’ve replenished your skin with a moisturizing mask, you should move on to patting your eyes lightly with an soothing eye gel to relieve the puffiness from your eyes, as well as applying a soothing moisturizer.

Last but not least… get an early night’s sleep tonight to reboot yourself :)
Hope all this info will work out for you guys & rest up to face the new year!


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