Knitwear Symphony

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately! Been so busy with work AND moving, double stress.  But I really wanna update on the Knitwear Symphony fashion show I saw last week showcasing the works by various students from different universities in HK and also professionals in the field.  Soo amazing, and so much talent in the local community, i was blown away !

Sorry the photos are so blurry! I should have brought a better camera with me…but this was the best I could do.
The above was my favourite collection, it incorporated Manchurian elements of the Qing Dynasty into the post modern fashion wear, it was a really clever idea.

again… I wish I had a better camera.

So I’m probably gonna go MIA again, moving this weekend! So excited about my new room, gonna post pictures of it once I settle in.  As well, gonna update with some of my own lomo photographs that I recently developed next time.

Track of the day: Here comes the Sun – The Beatles





Happy shopping :)

and track of the day: MGMT- Electric Feel remixed by Justice!

Brigitte Bardot inspired

As I had mentioned earlier, I was planning on doing a Brigitte Bardot inspired make up tutorial..well, here it is!

Have your face ready – moisturize, prep and prime.  We’re gonna go straight to the eye make up.

1. Apply a white matte eye shadow all over your entire lids including your brow bone, this will be your base
2. Using a silver shimmering gel eye shadow (I used the japanese brand Kate for this look), apply it all over your lids.  It should now look like this:

3.  Using a black eyeshadow, apply it on the crease all the way to the outer V corner and up the contouring of your eye socket.  Try to apply it so that it wings out a little, blend it out, similar to this:

4.  Using  liquid eyeliner, apply a winged eyeliner on the top making sure that the winged line follows the winged eyeshadow.
5.  Using a black pencil eyeliner, line the bottom of your eyes and blend it out a little.
6.  Put on a pair of full and lush lashes.
It should now look something similar to this:

To complete your look, fill in your brows with a more exaggerated arch, and for the lips, choose a light pink color.  Apply gloss in the middle of your lips to create the pout.

..and your look is complete!

And this was what I used to create the silver color on the lids (Kate gel eye shadow). I really like this gel eyeshadow as the colors are really vibrant when you apply them on the eyes.  It’s very water soluble, and that also makes it one of its disadvantages, because the colors can fade during the day.  But I’m sure if you apply an eye base, it’ll help.   Other than that, the texture is really cool, it’s kinda wet but it dries really quick once you apply it..kinda fun to play with!  Bought it for HKD$54 from Sasa.

So, good luck and have fun with this Brigitte Bardot inspired look!

Last but not least, track of the day:
Knife by CSS

Perfect Sundays

Sometimes Sundays are just the best days of the week, even though Monday means work again.  However, because my week starts on a Tuesday, Sunday has become the new Saturday.
Enough of all that Saturday Sunday Monday talk, today my perfect day consisted of eating great food and watching a very decent film with my most special one.

Brunch at The Flying Pan was yummm.  If any of you guys like brunch, then this is one of the great places in HK that does 24 hour brunch.
Location: Baileys Street, Central (Soho area)
Price range: $50-$150 HKD
It has a wide variety of breakfast plates – omlettes, all styles of eggs benedicts, sandwiches, griddles, pancakes and lots of yummy sides!

For Dinner we had Ramen at Daruma – one of the best!
Location: 92 E, Tung Lo Wan Road, Tai Hang
Price range: $60-$100 HKD
To be able to dine in this resturant, you gotta get there before 6pm, as people start lining up and it’s a very dinky tiny resturant. We were lucky that we got there just a little earlier than 6 to go in as their first round of customers.   There are three kinds of soup bases to choose from – pork bone soup, spicy and soy sauce soup base.  I would highly recommend the pork bone soup base because it actually tastes like they had put pork bone in it and boiled it for hours!

As for the decent film I was talking about earlier..

Awkward, subtly humorous, and dysfunctional.  Oh, and super good.
A great film about a lesbian couple with a family of two kids curious about their sperm donor father.  It was one of those movies where you walk in and expected a L-O-L  comedy, but really the humor that it brought out, was better than your average L-O-L  moments.   The humor was subtle and minor, but all these little moments accumulated in the film making it a great drama comedy to watch.  One of my favorite things of the film was also its use of puns in their dialogue, it surprised me as to how well the writer played with words in the film during awkward scenarios -it put a smile on my face every time a word came up with a double meaning.  And trust me, when it’s used in a film about a lesbian family, you’re bound to have a laugh.  Apart from the humor aspect, the film was also very moving in a way that it puts us in a situation where we see what family love meant in a very unconventional family, and also the roles that are played in a family when both parents are mothers.

Anyhow, I highly recommend this film, so watch it if you haven’t already!!
Trailer for your curiosity:

And as always, before I go, here’s my track of the day – Quadron’s Slippin, it was featured in the movie too.  A playful beat, perfect for your sunday night, enjoy:

I Want..

The Smashbox Spring 2011 Make up Collection- In Bloom

Since using their jet set gel waterproof eyeliner, I’ve been quite impressed with their product.  For those of you who are still looking for a long lasting, waterproof, oil proof eyeliner – this is the one.

Anyhow, for the new spring collection, all I really want is the eye shadow palette!  The colors come in matte and shimmer with light pinks along with very warm and neutral tones that allow you to create very fresh looks, perfect for the spring.
If I do happen to get it, I’ll definitely make a tutorial of some upcoming spring looks!

And before I log off.. here’s my track of the day.
I’ve recently been really obsessed with Wolf Gang, and this is their acoustic version of Back to Back.

The Winter Smoky


So here’s an updated tutorial of the Winter Smoky Eyes!  This look is inspired by this season’s make up trends, soft and subtle, au naturale etc.  Lots of neutral colors involved  – beige and taupe colors, with a hint of burgundy.

This is the color palette I used to create this look.  To begin with,
1. Use the highlighting colour on the top right hand corner, and cover your brow bone and the entire lid bringing it into the inner corners of your eyes as well.
2. Take the taupe colour on the bottom left and apply it on your entire eyelids, leaving just the brow bone.
It should now look something similar to this:

a lil tip: you can stick tape on the outer corner of your eyes slanting upwards so you can prevent fall outs of the eye shadow on the side.

3. Now, use the colour on the top left corner and apply it liberally on the crease, so it looks like this:

4.  With the burgundy on the bottom left corner of the palette, apply it just on the outer V of your eyes, blend it so that it contours the hollows of your eyes:

5. Using the same colour, line the bottom of your eyes with it, connecting the top and bottom:

6.  Using a black pencil eyeliner, line the top and bottom of your eyes and smudge them so it’s softer.  Apply mascara afterwards as well:

For the lips, make them nude.
1. Apply lip balm
2. Dab a little concealer and apply it on the lips
3. Apply a little bit of clear lip gloss just on the center of the lips:

Fill in your brows, apply your blush & your look is complete!
This look is perfect for dinners because of its soft and subtleness.  Hope you guys enjoyed it.
Good luck and have fun!

Oh, here’s my track of the day:

Been listening to this every day since I downloaded it from my friend’s blog at Unkitsch .

a close tear jerker: Conviction

So I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately, and my most recent one being:

Directed by Tony Goldwyn, starring Hilary Swank as Betty Anne Waters, and Sam Rockwell as Kenneth Waters.  This movie is based on a true event that happened in Massachusetts about Kenny (Rockwell), who gets convicted of a brutal murder in 1983.  Following the conviction, his sister Betty (Swank), decides to go to law school to become her own brother’s attorney in fighting the case to prove his innocence.  The film illustrates the obstacles that Betty Anne goes through for 18 years because of the simple belief and love she has for her one brother, Kenny.

I wouldn’t say this was the best movie I ever watched, but Swank’s performance in there makes it worth watching.  The dialogue between the two characters were so strong and compelling that it made the love bond between the siblings very believable.  The film itself jumps back and forth, constantly going into flashbacks of Kenny and Betty Anne’s childhood.  The flashbacks creates the picture of their unconditional love for each other, and also presents a reason for Betty Anne’s perseverance and stubbornness in the movie.  It’s really one of those movies that make you feel that family really IS the most important thing.  So if you’re a sucker for tear jerking movies, well then, please watch this one and bring a tissue box with you!

Oh, and to spark your interest:

Black Swan

One word: INTENSE.
Where do I even begin with this story?  Well first of all I would like to say Natalie Portman is absolutely gorgeous, her beauty just captures you in this film and Mila Kunis is just hot.
So why Black Swan?  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the ballet Swan Lake,  it is a tragic story of a girl who, under the spell of an evil witch gets turned into a white swan.  In order to break the spell, the girl must fall in love with a man and vice versa.  She finally finds her prince charming, but only to find out that he is seduced by her twin sister, the black swan.   Devastated, the white swan kills herself in the end.

This ballet serves as a parallel story in the movie when Nina  (Portman) a ballerina in the New York City Ballet gets casted as the Queen Swan in the company’s production of the Swan Lake as the previous prima ballerina, Beth (played by Winona Ryder) suddenly retires.  Because Nina is casted as both the white swan and black swan, she starts to find herself in a struggle when she realizes that she is better depicted as the white swan (fragile, innocent, pure), while the newcomer, Lily (Kunis), is better depicted as the black swan (seductive, and dark).   The more Nina digs into her character as both black and white swans, the more she feels threatened by the presence of Lily, and the more she finds out about her dark side.  As a result, weird things start to happen…one of them being her not-so-platonic relationship with Lily.

This film was so emotionally intense that I had to calm myself down a little after watching it.  It kept me on the edge of my seat and Portman’s acting was just exquisite!  Her every emotion was so believable and fragile that I almost felt no one could’ve played it better.  The emotional roller coaster that Nina went through in the film, reflected some elements of reality in the dance world where a ballerina feels threatened just knowing that her understudy or the fact that any other ballerina could possibly one day replace her.  I felt that Darren Aronfsky did a really good job in exploring the themes of the evil twin, good vs. evil, the idea of a double, and the emotional damage of one’s inner demons.  These themes were readily present through the constant use of mirrors in the entire film.

If there was one criticism about the film, it would be the horror elements incorporated in the movie.  Though categorized as a psychological thriller, it could somewhat be passed as a horror film as well.  There were some scenes that made me feel queasy while other images were a little disturbing.  But, if you can look past that, this movie is easily one of the best movies made in 2010.  Before I spoil too much about the film.. here’s a trailer for those who still haven’t seen it:

oh and guys, if you feel that this movie is too girly for you, it’s not. Because what’s hotter than Portman and Kunis in a lesbian love scene?