Look Bright for the New Years!

This is the updated look for the new years eve tutorial, I’ve added less silver, and more purple to go with the grey; turns out these two shades go really well together! So i hope you guys will like this look.

As always, prep and prime your face, moisturize, foundation, concealer, powder.

1. Using a light purple shimmering powder, apply it all over your eyelids, also bringing it to the inner corner of your eyes, so it looks like this:

2.  Apply a grey shimmering eyeshadow on the crease:

3. Using a purple eyeshadow, contour the hollows of your eyes, starting at the outer v:

4. Using a dark shimmering purple greyish colour, apply it on just the outer V to accentuate the darker colours.

5. Apply eyeliner using a jet black liquid eyeliner, and use a black pencil eyeliner to outline the bottom of your eyes, it should now look something like this:

For the False lashes, I’ve chosen ones that accentuate your own pair:

Apply these falsies accordingly, so one on the inner corner, one in the middle, and one at the end of the eyes.

I’ve chosen a very pale pink lipstick for this look, because I want the emphasis to be on the eye makeup:

Apply your favourite blush, and your look is complete!!

I hope this look works out for you guys, and most importantly I hope everyone has a blast tomorrow night!

Before I go:



4 thoughts on “Look Bright for the New Years!

  1. alisa! i never knew you had a blog!! love the make up tutorials :) and thanks for the lovely comment. happy new year xx

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