Since watching the Virgin Suicides and Marie Antoinette, (and yes I know I should watch Lost in Translation too), I’ve been looking forward to Sofia Coppola’s next feature film.  Her previous two films that I’ve seen have both given me a reason to love her work in very different ways.  With Virgin Suicides, it was about how well she translated the mysterious Lisbon sisters’ story from a book to a very dark but visually gratifying film.  As with Marie Antoinette, though I was displeased with the character development and the lack of historical/political aspects, Coppola did not fail once again, in the visual department,  feeding our eyes with tons and tons of lavish costumes and scenery.  So with all the build up, here is her next feature film that I am looking forward to see:

Somewhere – featuring Stephen Dorff and Ella Fanning.  For one, I’d love to see how Ella Fanning’s acting compares to her older sister, but most importantly to see if this film will redeem itself (plot wise) from the somewhat disappointing biographical film, Marie Anoinette.  Although, I have to say, everything BUT the plot was fantastic!   Anyhow, Coppola’s new film centers around a man living the Hollywood life and suddenly finds himself somewhat bewildered when his 11 year old daughter makes a surprise visit.
And for those of you who are fans of the Phoenix, their music will be featured in the film!

and for you Phoenix fans out there, here’s Love like a Sunset pt.2


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