Silver..for now

Recently, I’ve been trying to create a look for the new years, and I’ve come up with something like this..

It’s got lots of silver going on, maybe a bit too much, I might tone it down a little when I do the actual tutorial.
But with close up:

I’ve added shades of blue on the outside V area, as well as a dark burgundy on the crease (which you can’t really see here).
Hopefully i’ll have the tutorial ready before new years!

Meanwhile, what’s not to love about collagen eye masks after cleaning all that eye make up off?!

I bought this from SaSa (the Sephora equivalent in North America), it claims to have collagen and will soothe fine lines and stressful eyes, reduce puffiness etc.  Well, we’ll see after a few weeks..and I’ll write up a review for it, if I remember.

Until then, stay warm and be prepared to ring in the new year!!


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