So here it is, Merry Christmas.

This year was the first time in two years that I spent Christmas with the family, hence the excitement and the feast that I am about to blog about : )

Honey Herb Glazed Turkey Breast Slices:

For this one, I got the recipe from here
This was a great recipe, and everyone loved how different the gravy tasted because of the apple juice in it.  However, I did change the proportion for the cornstarch water just a little bit, because with the original recipe, I found that it was really liquid-y and wasn’t gravy textured enough.  So depending on what you like, you can change the cornstarch ratio accordingly.

Tomato white wine steamed clams:

This one was one of the favourites of the night, and I got the recipe from here
Some of the changes I made to the recipe were:
I didn’t add Chorizo, though i think they would bring even more flavour to the pot
I used 1/4 cup of white wine mixed with 1 cup of chicken broth for the soup base
I added fresh tomatoes on top of the canned ones.

Buttered Veggies

And who could go into a dinner without some healthy veggies?!
This one’s probably the easiest dish to make:
Boil your choice of veggies, drain them, add butter and salt!

And on Christmas Eve..

I was finally able to go out for some partying after two months of not going out.
The look I went out with was very clean and minimal:
-a bit of light eyeshadow to highlight, champagne color on the crease
-eyeliner and falsies on the lashes
-shimmer stick on the bottom liner to highlight
-and a hint of blush

so I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, whether it was spending with your significant other, your family or your friends!
Oh , and it’s boxing day today, get your shopping game face on :D


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