This look is somewhat similar to Those Big Eyes, but i tweaked it just a little so it’s better suited for the winter parties, hope you guys like this look! As always, follow the right procedures to put your face on (moisturizer, make up base, foundation, concealer, loose powder).

Moving onto the eyes: 1. Highlight your brow bone with a white highlighting stick making your way to the inner corner of your eyes.
2. Apply a champagne colour on the lids.
3. Using a gold eyeshadow, go over the champagne colour you just did to bring out the colours even more. 4. Using a dark/taupe colour, go along the outer V of your eyes tracing the hollows of your eyes as shown above.  Remember to blend well on the sides!
5. Using a gold shimmering powder, dab it onto the gold eyeshadow you applied earlier to intensify the gold.
6. With a black eyeshadow, apply it on the crease of the eyes and blend.
7. With your favourite eyeliner, trace your eyes and wing it out on the ends (I used liquid eyeliner for this look)
8. Using the same eyeliner, apply it on the lower lids, going all the way for an intense look, (again I used a liquid eyeliner for the bottom lids for the intensity).
9. Curl and Mascara! (Depending on how dramatic you want your look to be, falsies are optional).

For the lips, I used a reddish-beige lip liner (very 90’s i know!), but it’s a great combination for the gold in the eyes.
1. Apply lip balm
2. With a beige lip liner, fill in your lips with the lip liner.
3. Apply clear lip gloss on the center of your lips.

Finish with filling in your brows and the blush that compliments your skin tone, and you’re done!


Good luck and have fun!


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