Theatre Wishlist

The 39th Hong Kong Arts Festival is coming up!.. well soon anyways, from Feb. 17 – March 27, 2011 there’ll be a series of theatre performances from around the world, and here’s a list of stuff that I really wanna see:

New York City Ballet performing Symphony in Three Movements, Dances at a Gathering and West Side Story Suite.

Birmingham Royal Ballet Presents: Hobson’s Choice
A ballet based on a play, uplifting performance with great costumes.

Picadilly Revisited
One of the first Chinese actresses listed in Hollywood, Anna May Wong’s Picadilly is revisited with new musical scores.

Berliner Ensemble presents: The Threepenny Opera
A musical set in London, England about a criminal, Mack the Knife.

Wish I had all the money to spend it on all these shows..
time to save up!!


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