Wipe it off!

For the past few years, I’ve had my fair share of experience in trying different eye make up removers.  It was always hard to find the perfect one because I always used waterproof mascara, or waterproof eyeliner and so the normal make up removers just don’t make the cut.  Well, luckily I’ve found a few, and I’m here to share with you my thoughts on them and which one I think works best.  Also, I will talk about the best way to remove your eye make up without damaging the skin around your eyes.

Neutrogena oil-free Make up Remover:
Contains two layers, and you have to shake it before using.  Has a cool sensation when you apply it on the eyes.  This one worked well with waterproof eye make up, however though it claims to be oil free, I did feel a film of oil on my eyes after using it.  And I also felt that it took a little longer to get my make up off.  I also felt that the bottle finished up very quickly as it had a large opening, so every time i poured it on the cotton pad, a lot came out.  If i remember correctly, I bought this for $12 CDN back in Toronto, so it’s around 80 something HKD.

Laneige Waterproof Eye and Lip Make Up Remover:
I’ve actually used this one for the longest time.  It has two layers, so again you have to shake it before using.  Very effective in removing waterproof eye make up as well as lip stick/gloss.   Leaves a little bit of an oily residue, but not as much as Neutrogena.  Quick in removing stubborn make up, and it lasted for awhile because the opening was really small.  It’s around $125 HKD, a little more pricier than Neutrogena, but I felt that it was worth it.

L’oreal Gentle Waterproof Eye and Lip Make up Remover
This one is actually my personal favourites.  Again, like most waterproof eye make up removers, it contains two layers, one blue and one transparent; so shake vigorously before using.  Like the Laneige one, it has a small opening, so a bottle like this can last you for awhile.  Very effective in removing all sorts of stubborn make up, doesn’t take long and most importantly, it doesn’t really leave an oily film on the eye area.  So, if I remember correctly again, I think I bought it for $12.99 in Toronto, so around 90 something HKD.

Super Off Moist Cleansing Lotion
This one is the one I’m currently using now.  It’s from Japan, and again contains two layers.  It claims to remove stubborn make up as well.  However, though it does what it says, I found that I had to wipe a few times before all the make up came off.  As well, I felt that it stung a little around the eye area as well as in my eyes.  So if you have sensitive skin, I don’t advise you to use this.  I believe I bought this for $69 HKD from SaSa, and it’s a big bottle, so it might take me awhile to finish it.

In conclusion I felt that L’oreal and Laneige are the best picks from the ones I reviewed above, as they both remove stubborn make up effectively without leaving an oily residue; it’s also really gentle around the delicate eye area.

Moving onto removing your eye make up correctly:
1. Pour the make up remover on a cotton pad and put it on your eyes for 15 seconds.  This allows the solution to dissolve the make up resulting in less tugging when you wipe it off.
2. Gently pat your eyes with the cotton pad, keeping in mind not to tug the skin around your eyes as this will cause pre mature aging/wrinkles around the eye area; even if this means repeating this process a few times.  For removing waterproof make up, put the cotton pad under the eyelashes and gently rub it upwards.
3. Once the eye make up on your upper lid is removed, use a q-tip and dip it in the make up remover and gently go along the bottom eyelid, removing any remaining make up.
4. I like to finish it off by relaxing the eyes with a cotton pad soaked with warm water and just applying it on the eyes to soothe it.  You can also do it with cold water if your eyes have the tendency of being puffy.
4. Now, finish the rest of your skin care regime, ie: washing your face, toning, moisturizing, eye cream etc.

Hope the reviews and tips worked out for you, remember what may work for me, may work differently for you.  So before you use any product, try to do more research on it and use it as a guide to pick what’s right for you!


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