Tracks of the day – Reminisce.

Music always has its way to bring back fond memories of one’s past; and today two tracks did just that.
Speeding Cars by Imogen Heap took me back to my high school days, when I thought high school was everything and nothing will ever replace the memories I had there.  Then, In The Waiting Line by Zero 7 played.  This track brought me back to my university years and my mind went straight to reminiscing about all the spectacular things that happened in the course of four years in Toronto; not realizing it had already replaced the former four years of high school.  But then a thought came to me when I realized,  this will always be a cycle of reminisce and realization. The cycle in which you’ll realize that better things will always come along, but fall into reminiscing the moment something great has happened in life.  But hey, who says reminiscing is bad?
So here are the two tracks, enjoy!

Do you have songs you reminisce to?


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