Those Big Eyes..

Been a while since the last make up tutorial! But, I finally figured out something today, and it’s gonna be the “Japanese Big Eyes” inspired type of look. Enjoy :)

1. Color correct your face with colored concealer first, remember green cancels red, purple cancels yellow, and salmon color cancels purple-blue colors.
2. Go over the colored spots with your normal colored concealer
3. Now, apply foundation using a foundation brush, (I find that using a foundation brush is a lot more convenient and you can use less foundation as well, as opposed to using a sponge).
4. Apply loose powder with a kabuki brush to set your make up.


1. Apply a shimmering white eyeshadow on the brow bone, extending it to the inner corners of your eyes.  This will highlight the high points in your eyes.
2. Using a dark brown shimmering shadow, apply it liberally on the crease of your eyes.
3. Using a pencil eyeliner, tight line your eyes.
4. For this look, I used a waterproof, oil proof gel eyeliner in brown to create the winged eyeliner.  If you only have liquid eyeliner, that’s fine too.

5. For the bottom of your eyes, use a white eyeliner to line the tear ducts
6. Next, use a black/dark brown pencil liner to line underneath the white line you drew.  This will create larger and brighter looking eyes.

1. False lashes are optional for this look, but it’ll definitely look more dramatic if you wear them, so for the first pair, they’re used for the top eyelashes.  You can apply them half way on your eyelids, so that it dramatizes the wing-ed look on the eye.
2. For the second pair, apply them on the bottom lash line.

Your eyes should now look something similar to this:

To finish off the look, fill in your eyebrows with your favourite brow pencil.  Apply blush on the apples of the cheeks.  Depending on your skin color, select the right shade for the blush. (Darker skin tones – more orange-y, Fairer skin tones-  light pinks).

1. Apply lip balm
2. Line your lips with a light pink lip liner, fill the rest of the lips with it as well
3. Apply a clear lip gloss
4. To make your lips pout out more, use a thin concealer brush and apply concealer around the cupid’s bow as well as the bottom of the lips.

Your look is complete!  Good luck and have fun :)


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