It was kinda inspired by Katy Perry’s look in California Girls, but I’m obviously lacking the fluorescent hair and my purple didn’t turn out purple enough! Anyhow, I still think it’s a good look to wear if you’re going out and want something bold and colorful to wear instead of the smoky blacks and browns.



Prep and prime your face so it’s ready for foundation and concealer.


1. After proper application of foundation and concealer, use a white eyeshadow and highlight your brow bone, and the inner corners of your eyes
2. Mixing the lavender and violet color, apply those colors onto your eyelids, blend it with the brush going back and forth
3. Using a dark brown, apply that on the outer corners of your eyes, going into the hollows of the eyes.  Again, blend this well, so it doesn’t look like it’s a blob of brown on the outer corner.
4.Using a shimmery light lavender shadow (it’s in powder form), dab a bit of it on your brush and pat it on lightly over the eyelids where you previously applied the violet and lavender.
5. Choose a dark burgundy color, and apply it on the outer corners of the eyes, where you previously applied the brown so that it enhances the hollows of the eyes
6. Make sure you blend everything well, either using your fingertips or a brush going back and forth
7. Line your eyes with a liquid eyeliner, winging it out slightly on the outer corner.
8. Dampen your eyeliner brush, and dip it in the shimmery light lavender powder shadow, mix it well and line the bottom of your eyes with it. (By dampening the brush, it creates a more intense color, while making it last longer as well)
9. Using a black pencil liner, go under the light lavender lining, and line the bottom of your eyes just half way.
10.False lashes are optional, but I applied them in this look.
11. Curl your false lashes/real ones, and mascara them, don’t forget the bottom ones as well!
12. Lastly, fill in your brows, (i usually go half – one shade lighter than my natural hair color).

your eyes should now look something similar to this:

1. Apply lip balm.
2. Find a bright pink lipstick, and apply it on the lips.
3. Apply a pink lip gloss on top if you don’t want a matte look.

Good luck and have fun!


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