feeling Korean tonight?

it’s time for some Jap chae!


For this recipe, I made it with chicken instead of beef.  It’s totally up to you as to what kind of meats/veggies  you use, traditionally they use beef, carrots, onions, mushrooms, and spinach.

You’ll need: two handfuls of cellophane noodles, 2 medium chicken breasts- sliced thinly, 1 carrot – sliced, 1 Japanese cucumber – sliced (Japanese cucumbers tend to be crunchier, even after they’re cooked), 2 handfuls of bok choi- chopped, 1/2 yellow onion-sliced, 1 cup black fungus-sliced,  1/4cup soy sauce, sesame oil -accordingly, 3 tsp sugar, 4 tsp salt, 2tsp garlic, black pepper- accordingly

1. Marinate chicken breasts with 1tsp corn starch, 1tsp of sesame oil, 1tsp salt, and a hint of black pepper
2. set aside
3. In a large pot, boil the cellophane noodles until softened, (around 5 minutes), drain the water, and set aside
4. in a medium sized pan, heat 2 tsp sesame oil, pour in onions, carrots, cucumbers, and black fungus, bok choi, and garlic sautee for 5 minutes, or until the bok choi has just wilted, set aside
5. in a smaller pan, heat 2 tsp sesame oil, pour in chicken breasts, sautee until fully cooked
6. in a large pan, heat 2 tsp sesame oil, and now add all the cooked vegetables, meat, and cellophane noodles together, pour in all the soy sauce, remaining salt, sugar and some black pepper, stir fry all the ingredients together for 2 minutes
7. serve!!

*depending on your taste, if you like more of the sesame oil taste, you may add more of the sesame oil*

(serves 5-6)

good luck!




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