Moulin Rouge

It’s almost halloween, and if you still haven’t picked out a look yet, it’s time to hurry! For today, I took inspiration from Make Up Forever’s Fall 2010 collection, in which they used Moulin Rouge as their main theme.  So, if you’re looking to be a can-can girl this Halloween, this might be a good look to try out


1. Use a white/light beige eyeshadow to highlight your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes.  Here I used the light beige second to the left, on the first row.
2.  Then, I used the light pink shimmery eyeshadow, (second to the left, second row), and lightly patted it on the eyelids

3. Using the pink color shown above, go over the eyelids again to create a more intense pink
4. Blend it out

5. Using the bright red shown above, go over the crease of your lids
6. Blend it out in by using your brush to soften any harsh edges

7. Using the dark plum, (second from the right, second row), use a smaller brush and apply it on the outer corners, and following the hollows of your eyes, creating a contour
8. Blend.

9. Finally, using a black color, as shown above, take a little bit of it and go over the dark plum you previously applied on the outer corners of the eyes.  This will give more intensity to the colors.

If you are satisfied with the look now, the next step is optional because glitter can be messy and even after a year later, you’ll still find traces of it ..everywhere.

but it gives the look a nice touch of glamor, and it’s fun for parties…so why not.

10. Use eyelash glue (if you want it to stay on longer), or clear lip gloss (if you want to avoid the stubbornness of the glue while getting rid of your make up), gently apply it on the ball of your eyes, making sure you’re not covering the plum and black colors.
11. Using red cosmetic glitter, dab your a little bit of the glitter and apply it where you’ve applied the glue/gloss.
12. do not drag the glitter with your fingers, as this will harm the delicate skin on your eyes.  Just simply apply the glitter using a light tapping motion. Use a tissue to cover under your eyes to prevent fall outs of the glitter
13. Using the small brush, reapply the dark plum/black on the hollows of your eyes if the glitter has covered up some of it
14. For the bottom liner, line it with the dark plum, and then use a black eyeliner pencil to go over it, and blend to soften
15. Apply false lashes
16.  Fill in your brows according to your own shape

Lips and Cheeks:

1. For the cheeks I used a light pink and brushed it on the apples of the cheeks
2. I then used a bronzer to contour my cheeks, slightly brushing it under the apples of the cheeks and angle it up towards your ears
3.Apply red lip stick
4. Apply clear lip gloss on top

For those who like a less intense look.. I made another version of it a few days ago:

this one uses the same eye shadows, but for the glitter, i only applied it on the outer corners of the eyes.

Hope you guys enjoyed this, and good luck on choosing your Halloween look!!


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