not your average sunday night movie

I walked into this movie thinking it was just another Battle Royale genre movie full of gore and messed up plots of the psychological mind.  To my surprise, there was minimal gore, and  more of the latter, accompanied by a well crafted, twisted plot.
Directed by Tetsuya Nakashinma, Confessions, aka Kokuhaku tells the tale of a mother who seeks revenge and salvation, by skilfully planning twisted plots of revenge on her 13 year old students that killed her four year old daughter.  It explores concepts of morality, the bond between a mother and her child, and the cliche question of life.  Each character speaks of a confession throughout the story, and they all reveal chilling perspectives leading to an unexpected ending.

The movie itself was shot very artistically with the use of low saturated colors along with slow motion and fast motion effects that were very prominent throughout the entire film.  The movie also features Radiohead’s  Last Flower as their theme song.

I highly recommend this movie to those who are fans of psychological thrillers, or simply those who are seeking an inordinate film to excite an ordinary night. Here’s the trailer, enjoy!


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