60′s mod inspired

Thought it would be nice to continue with the whole retro thing and so I did the 60’s mod inspired make up today… or as my mom would call it, the Cher inspired.   Either way, it’s a great look for anyone who’s looking to be a 60’s mod..or Cher this Halloween.

Prepping your face:
Be sure that you keep your face moisturized day and night as it is an important step in your skin care regime.  This ensures that a) your skin won’t dry out and b) when you apply make up, it glides on better rather than sticking onto your flaking skin.  If your skin is naturally oily, (like mine!)  choose a water based moisturizing cream, but never skimp out on it, keeping your face moistened is the key to stop your skin from over producing sebum, otherwise known as oils.

1. so after you’ve properly moisturized your face, apply a face primer.  This will make sure that your foundation stays on and makes it last longer
2. conceal all your imperfections ie: dark circles, blemishes, dark spots
here’s a tip: if you have red spots or blemishes, use a green colored concealer and dab a little bit on top.  The green color cancels out the red, next, put on your normal skin colored concealer on top.. and you’ll magically see your red spots dissappear!
For those who tend to have  dark circles that are veiny-blue colored, try dabbing a bit of an orange-y concealer before applying your skin colored concealer
3. Now apply your foundation, and make sure you go over the concealed spots carefully as you don’t want to rub away the color correcting concealing that you so previously applied
4. now apply loose powder on top to set your make up


1. Apply a white matte eyeshadow all over the eyes, including the brow bone, make sure that it is especially white on the eyelids
2. Using a pencil eyeliner, softly sketch along the crease to create the double eyeliner, starting from the inside corner of the eyes, draw it according to your own crease line (the hollows of your eyes), and have it gradually wing out just a little. Note: you don’t want to create too drastic of a cat eye here as the mod look is supposed to make your eyes look rounder instead of longer, contrary to the 50’s.
3. now use a black eyeshadow, carefully go over the double eyeliner you just created, and using a contouring brush, try to soften out the line by smudging the eyeshadow you just applied
4. Using a liquid eyeliner, line your eyes starting from the very inner corners of your eyes, slowly bring it out and make it meet the end of the double eyeliner that you created previously
5. Now, using a white eyeliner, line the bottom of your eyes covering the tear ducts, make sure you apply them thicker than usual, i would say 1/8 of an inch thick.
6. outline the white eyeliner at the bottom with a black liquid liner starting from the outside, as you go towards the inner corners, make sure you make the two liners (top and bottom) meet at the inner corners

last but not least..
don’t forget your false lashes!! those are the things that complete the 60’s look!

7. Choose full and thick lashes, measure it so that the length fits your eyes
8. Apply glue, and stick them where your real lash line is
9. for the bottom lashes, stick them where you’ve drawn the black eyeliner earlier

for the look i created above, I chose to stick with nude lips.
1. apply lip balm
2. use a matching skin tone concealer, and apply all over the lips
3. add gloss if you want it to look, well, glossy.

Note: for those who want a less dramatic look, you may apply a thinner double eyeliner, or skip out on the false lower lashes

and there you have it !



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