50′s inspired

Hello 50’s!
so today i tried the marilyn/50’s pinup inspired look, and this is how it turned out..

i had terrible lighting in my room, so my pictures didn’t turn out that great, i tried my best to pick out the best ones!
some key points to this look are: the cat eyes, blood red lipstick, and dark dark eyebrows.
I didn’t have blood red lipstick at home, so I replaced it with a red wine-like colour

Not a lot of eyeshadow needs to be applied for this look, just enough to create the contours of your eyes.  For the look above, I used a white eye shadow on the brow bone and on the ball of the eyes.  As for the outer crease and the hollows of the eyes, I used a bit of a champagne color, and then darkened it with a bit of dark brown.  The key is to stay as minimal as possible on the eye shadow because you want your eyes to stand out through the winged eyeliner.

Next, I used liquid eyeliner and lined the eyes (thin at the inner corners and then gradually bring it out and up to create the winged look)

As for the bottom, line the tear ducts of your eyes with white eyeliner and then use a black pencil eyeliner to line the bottom of your eyes, just ending half way.  This will create the illusion of larger and brighter looking eyes.

False lashes were used in this look, you should choose full looking lashes.
Instead of using one eyelash for one eye, cut the lashes in half, and stick it on the outer part of the eye so it matches the winged eyeliner and do it for the other eye with the other half

With the eyebrows, you can choose a color that’s darker than the one you use normally so that it really frames the face and the eyes.
Fill them in at an angle to create a sharp looking brow, (mine weren’t sharp looking enough ! )

There you have it!


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